Stainless Steel Slotted Raised Countersunk Oval Head Machine Screws

DIN 964

Screw Features: SLOTTED RAISED COUNTERSUNK HEAD | Machine Screws | Metric | Fully Threaded | Used in Metal Sheet, Construction, Mechanical Engineering Applications | Austenitic Steel and High Strength Steel Materials | Professional Quality | High Stability and Hardness | Wide Range of Sizes Available | Resists Corrosion | Perfect Threading | Available in Stainless Steel (A2, A4) | Non-Standard Sizes | Special Materials and Finishes Are Available | Special Material Composition Available for Bulk Orders

DIN 964 Stainless Steel Slotted Raised Countersunk Oval Head Machine Screws Manufacturer

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We, Supreme Screws are the leading Manufacturer and supplier of Stainless-Steel Slotted Raised Countersunk (Oval) Head Screws in various diameters, lengths & finishes as per customer requirements. Our DIN 964 Screws are made of high-quality stainless-steel material. Machine screws are a type of externally fully threaded fasteners.

These countersunk head screws are used in applications where the substrate mating surface must be flush with the head.

We Are Your Favourite Store.

Machine screws are designed to be mated with threaded nuts or tapped holes in the parts they are designed to hold. They may be fastened by turning them directly with a screwdriver, or by using an externally threaded nut and bolt. There is a flat top surface on Metric Flat countersunk heads followed by a cone-shaped bearing surface at an angle of approximately 90 degrees.

At Supreme Screws we offer Thread Locking Patches and special Chemical Blackening for all our Stainless-Steel Machine screws as per customer requirements.

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DIN 964 Stainless Steel Slotted Raised Countersunk Oval Head Machine Screws

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Our High Quality Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion and rust, ensuring a long-lasting performance.


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Our commitment to quality is evident in every screw we produce, and we stand behind our products with assurance and customer service.


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Frequently Asked Question!

  • A2/304 Stainless Steel Self Tapping Screws
  • A4/316 Stainless Steel Self Tapping Screws

Carton Boxes / Bulk Packing as Per Customer Requirements

• MM-Metric Thread
• UNC-Unified Coarse Thread
• UNF-Unified Fine Thread
• BSW-British Standard Whitworth

  • Plain
  • Black Finish
  • Silver
  • Others on Request

10000 PCS (Can Supply as Per Request Subject to Availability of Stock)

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